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Myrtle Beach Pets: 2004

free kittensDECEMBER 2004: These kittens and their siblings (total of 2 litters) are in need of good homes and loving families.

In the first litter (both litters are VERY affectionate kittens) is very sweet calico kitten, two friendly solid black kittens, and one remarkable black kitten with white paws.

In the second litter are three orange and white kittens, all very loving and in need of good homes immediately!!!

Call us at 843-997-2592 if you have a happy home you'd like to fill with one or more kittens.

NOTE:  These kittens are free - they are healthy and loving, but since we have many cats at home already, we will not be able to keep these kittens.

adopt a kitten
adopt a kitten
MAY 2004 - All the kittens in this litter found good homes and loving owners.

There are four orange kittens and one black kitten, all very healthy and happy, who needed loving homes, contacted us, and became part of loving families.


Please help me. My dog, my baby, Rufus, is lost. He is a German Shepherd and Chow Chow mix breed. Rufus has a black muzzle, with a light touch of silver/gray around his mouth and chin. He also has black ears that are short (not long like a German Shepherd). He has a bushy tail. The rest of his fur is reddish brown on the back that becomes lighter brown going down to his legs. Rufus has a red nylon collar with the black snap-in-place buckle (like on bookbags?).

He was last seen on Jones Road on February 14th, St. Valentine's Day, Saturday night, when my mother fed him. Jones Road is in Socastee off Highway 544, going to Conway (near the Custom Machine Design Shop). This is where the Parkway is coming through to intersect with 544. If you think you've spotted Rufus, please Email his Owner


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