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Princess - Beautiful, gentle female is part of our loving family of people and cats.

Merlot found a home
Merlot - Sweet young female found a loving home.

Scruggles - We loved this young adult female, spayed her, all shots. Very healthy and beautiful. Disappeared from our yard one day. Miss her terribly.

Patches - Very sweet young adult female that's a little on the shy side.
She had her shots and was spayed in 2005, and has become part of our family.

Gimpsy - Very sweet young adult male. Shots and neutered in 2005. Part of our family.

Lil Bear
Li'l Bear - One of our babies; she claimed us at birth, and adoption for this darling was never an option for us. Has had our heart strings from day one.

Sunshine - October 2006
Fritzy - October 2006. Another darling who grabbed our heart strings right away and never was available for adoption (neither was his nearly twin brother Spritzy). Part of the family.

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